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Activity 1: Child Bereavement UK

Key Questions

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Why is the charity Child Bereavement UK needed?

The impact of bereavement can be very difficult for a young person to manage. Bereavement support is provided by charities such as Child Bereavement UK. Without this important work, it would be very difficult for bereaved young people to have access to the support they need.

Why do some young people need bereavement support?

Help to make sense of what has happened, speak to someone outside their families, support for families – challenge of all grieving in different ways.

Who else might be able to support someone who is grieving?

Adults in school, friends, other relatives, siblings etc.

What type of support is offered to bereaved young people?

Child Bereavement UK can offer support for young people individually, as part of a group or with their family; there is also a Helpline and Live Chat via the website available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

As a charity, how does Child Bereavement UK get enough funds to be able to do the work they do?

Fundraising, charity events, donations etc.

What could your school do to help?

Promote the work of the charity, Child Bereavement UK and how they can help when a child dies or when a child grieves. This could include raising awareness of the charity and fundraising.

Reflection and Support

Remind pupils that emotional reactions are normal and may be experienced at any time. Signpost to how they can access support through school and other organisations.

Watch all, or the last half of, the first film here. Consider how support has helped those young people to rebuild their lives, discuss the positive aspects from their experiences of bereavement.

For staff – plan something together as part of the debrief. This could be a walk and talk or tea and cake after school, or at lunchtime. Signpost to support and check in with each other.