Approaching death and grief in an inclusive way

"All children need access to the truth… pupils with additional needs have the opportunity to talk about death and grief just like everyone else"

All children need access to truthful conversations about death and grief. This helps them to make sense of the world and prevent their active imaginations filling in gaps in their understanding.

Many parents and carers feel that children should be protected from the reality of death, and this can be even more so for families of young people who have a special educational need or disability. However, it is important for all pupils to have access to these truths, in ways which they can best understand.

This resource is designed to be inclusive, with activities which are flexible and can be adapted to suit all pupils.

It is important for all learners to understand the terms that are being used and some time should be given to ensure everyone has a clear and correct understanding of the vocabulary being used in these sessions. It is also a good idea to provide learners with some choice of activities rather than insisting all learners carry out the same activity. This will enable everyone to choose ways that most interest them and work to their strengths during lessons.