Looking after bereaved pupils

"For pupils who have experienced bereavement, any time that the topic of death or grief is brought up it really is a good idea to inform them in advance"

Where possible, it is always best to inform bereaved pupils in advance when the subject of death or grief is going to be addressed. Although feelings of grief can surface at any time, facing the topic in school is likely to be a ‘trigger’ and may make them feel overwhelmed.

Take a quiet moment with them individually to:

  • Explain why all pupils need an opportunity to talk about death and grief.
  • Introduce the topic and include an opportunity to view any content if they wish to.
  • Ask how they feel about being part of the lesson. Outline any options to take part in some, all or none of it, or to leave the room if they need to.
  • Reassure them that they will not be expected to share anything about their own experiences unless they wish to do so.
  • Offer the opportunity to give an opinion on the activity if they would like to.
  • Outline any support in place for all pupils and remind them of all the people they can talk to in school if they would like to.