Activity 1: Child Bereavement UK

Key Questions

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What does Child Bereavement UK do?

The charity Child Bereavement UK helps children and young people when someone important to them has died. Child Bereavement UK has lots of information on their website to help people learn more about grief. They also have a Helpline for people to speak to someone on the phone or they can message someone using Live Chat on their website. Child Bereavement UK also provides training to help people understand more about bereavement.

Why do young people need Child Bereavement UK?

When someone dies it can be very difficult for the people who knew and cared about them. Sometimes these feelings can be a little bit too much to manage and it can help to talk to someone with lots of experience in helping children and young people like them.

How do people help Child Bereavement UK?

As a charity, Child Bereavement UK, needs people to raise money as this pays for the cost of helping children, young people and their families when someone important to them dies.

They might help us to raise money or promote our charity so that people can find support when they need it – this might be by holding special events like concerts, making films or taking part in challenges like walking a long distance, running a marathon or climbing a mountain.

What could your school do to help Child Bereavement UK?

Raise awareness - Tell people about Child Bereavement UK and the work they do to help children and young people who are grieving.

Fundraising - Perhaps you could raise some money for the charity, Child Bereavement UK? This will help every child and family to get the support they need when someone they know dies.

What could you do to help someone who is grieving?

Be kind to them and ask them what they would like you to do. Just being there can be a really big help to them. Sometimes they might feel sad and upset, sometimes they might get angry and at other times they might want to laugh and have fun. If you are worried about them, you could talk to someone you trust like your teacher or another adult in school.

Reflection and Support

Explain to pupils that it might feel upsetting or worrying when they speak about people dying. Remind them of all the people who are available to help them, and who they can talk to if they feel upset or worried.

Create individual tool kits for happiness:

  • Things that make you happy.
  • Activities that you enjoy.
  • People who are important to you.
  • Something you are looking forward to.

For staff – plan something together as part of the debrief. This could be a walk and talk or tea and cake after school, or at lunchtime. Signpost to support and check in with each other.