Primary Content

Each activity is designed to be flexible to fit with your own school planning, organisation and timetable, offering a range of options to apply the learning to suit the needs of your school and pupils.

It is essential that any content or films are assessed in advance to select their suitability for your own pupils and to allow members of staff to feel prepared.

Key Questions will help to initiate and shape the conversations.

Reflect and Support notes highlight the importance of factoring in time at the end of the session for some calm, reflective space to help pupils manage their feelings. This can be time to:

  • Acknowledge any emotional reactions, seen or unseen.
  • Remind pupils where they can access support in school, if necessary.
  • Think about who is there for them.
  • End the session focusing on the positive aspects of who they are and what they have learnt.

A debrief session for members of staff after the activity will enable them to share any observations, conversations or pupil reactions and to consider what support or follow-up may be needed. Time for adults to reflect and talk about their own feelings with their trusted colleagues will help to promote a supportive, reassuring environment.